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I am a journalist, content producer, and a communications strategist with a knack for helping health/wellness, regulated businesses and start ups solve marketing, communications and development challenges.

I’ve spent a career lifetime in health and wellness working with a variety of stakeholders — from publishers and physicians — to industry and patients — on numerous topics. My true passion lies in helping companies connect strategically with their stories, stories that will support their growth regardless of where they are in their life cycle.  I have worn multiple monikers (VP to medical writer to journalist to reporter to copywriter to social media strategist to board member to mentor), worked on both sides of the fence, created copy and content for PR, advertising, media, industry, and found new avenues with which non-traditional companies can leverage their health stories to create novel silos, for example nutrition bars moving from CPG to health/health halos to appeal to the millennial audience. I enjoy health equity, having served on the social media advisory board for Health Justice CT, and am forever intrigued by the intersection of/influence on, tech and healthcare. A lifelong women’s advocate, I have worked for women’s health equity, a greater understanding of midlife health changes, preventing online violence against women and more recently, as a voice for women who are finally brave enough to speak out against sexual assault. 

Well-versed in communications, I continue to work as a journalist, and curate Infectious Diseases/Emerging Infectious diseases for’s Clinical Essentials. I’ve also worked as a reporter, blogger, copywriter and medical education writer for MedWire News, MS Discovery Forum, Springer HealthCare and WebMD, among other organizations. Additionally, I am an active member of the National Association of Science Writers, the Association for Health Care Journalists and Journalists and Women Symposium.

Originally from New York City, I now reside outside of Washington D.C.

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